Surfaces inspired by nature, which goes beyond nature. Epoch produces ceramic tiles & slabs which challenge the traditional uses of this material, creating medium and large sized minimum and maximum thickness surfaces, which are used in exterior architecture, interior design and furnishings. In our designs, we are continually trying to touch base with living styles in order to keep all kinds of different characters happy.

Our operation started in 2012, the Epoch Surfaces has emerged as one of the quality ceramic companies of India Its leadership is marked by many successful challenges our incessant pursuit of excellence. it is India’s fastest growing Ceramic Wall & Floor Tile, Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Polished Vitrified Tiles, Engineered Slabs and Bathware Company.

Epoch Surfaces derives from the natural need to urge top designers and artists to bring their ideas, for the first time, to the world of ceramic covering materials. with the aim of challenging the rules of ceramics in terms not only of scale, texture and composition, but of creativity and experimentation

Diversifying production has played a key role in the growth of a business group that started off manufacturing a single product: ceramic tiles. Today, the Group's factories offer a vast selection of products ranging for residential and commercial, small format and large format. We create world class products, that caters to everyone

Our company grows continually thanks also to the development of solid partnerships and a mutually beneficial exchange of know-how and ideas with those who, like us, nurture the ambition of shaping tomorrow’s world.


  • Growing profitably across the Group of our companies.
  • To be pioneer in bringing latest technology and provide best quality products.
  • Create competitive advantage in market and lead the industry by innovations.
  • To create healthy & productive work environment for all employees and associates.
  • To empower communities for working towards safe, clean and green environment.
  • Our Promise is to give Innovative lifestyle quality product and services for all customers and stakeholders

Silencing the Sceptics

Epoch Surfaces has debunked the myth that design leadership is a forte only of foreign players, by achieving design leadership through an ideal mix of creativity and technology. It has debunked myths that a fledgling company from a small-town region in Gujarat can lead the change in the industry by setting higher goals, achieving the unthinkable and creating

Introducing innovative digital printing technology, technical collaboration with SACMI, Italy and a world class Quality Management System has enabled it to build a portfolio that is truly avant-garde.

“Design Leadership Through Technology.”

From ceramic tiles, Nanotech, Roto-Drum to New Digital Technology, Epoch Surfaces leads the way in creating the most diverse array of designs across the entire tile and marble product range. Their state-of-the-art design technology successfully addresses the aesthetic and performance requirements of designers, architects, constructions companies and homeowners across India. Driven by innovation and passion to excel, the Epoch Surfaces formidable and distinctive product range comes with the guarantee of international quality.

Our Products and Services

Our dream is to create most sustainable building materials of every inch and corner. We produce different sizes and thickness to accommodate indoors or outdoors of house, luxury homes, Buildings or high traffic area. We hunt and harvest best designs produced by nature in the form of stones, marbles, wood plants. We scan it and innovate the designs with our experience designers and artist.

Every project comes from an inspiration, from research and from the experimentation of new techniques and materials of ceramic tradition. Ancient art, the archetype of beauty that continues to renew itself giving aesthetic pleasure together with the high functionality and modernity of ceramics.

Contemporary Craftsmanship

Our designers take time to play, manipulating the material and getting their hands dirty, using different craft practices on different materials, to discover effects and emotions to reproduce on ceramics. This is how we create its contemporary craftsmanship, with its unique, ultra-large sizes, the new way of interpreting and decorating walls, exploring the unexpressed potential and the third dimension of ceramics.

Every project comes from inspiration, from research and from the Experimentation of new techniques and materials of ceramic tradition. Ancient art, the archetype of beauty that continues to renew itself giving aesthetic pleasure together with the high functionality and modernity of ceramics, the material which most excellently matches contemporary flavour and spirit, to the most evolved - and therefore most original-trends.

Customization & Style

With artistic and artisanal techniques nourishes technological innovation that helps us to achieve the most evocative aesthetic results. We observe the evolution of the world around us design interiors that resonate with you, that welcome you and make you feel good